Assisted NC businesses in winning 3,451 contracts minimum value of $13.26 billion transition updates

The NC Military Business Center received this update from Beta.SAM about the new system: 

It’s been a while since our last update regarding Despite being 4 months after the transition, critical issues remain on the SAM site.  We wanted to provide you the details so there is full transparency if you experience an issue. Please note the issues below:

  • There continues to be documents completely missing in There are numerous instances our researchers see the KO referencing documents that simply aren’t there.
  • Many solicitation summary pages exist that will not load supporting documents:

Below is a screenshot of the solicitation above (Sol#W912NW20Q0025) in EZGovOpps, where we note the 4 available documents which are not displaying in SAM.

  • We’ve noted thousands of solicitations that existed in prior to the transition are not viewable or searchable in the system. It’s been easy to catalog these issues as EZGovOpps has the information recorded regarding previous releases.
  • Searching by solicitation numbers in for legacy opportunities sometimes presents zero results when those opportunities did in fact release and produced reported contract activity.
  • Regarding Interested Vendor Listings (IVL) which was available in was released in as of roughly 2 weeks ago, however it’s not the same. Parties interested in an opportunity now must communicate their interest directly with the KO directly and that information is only shared to other interested parties. It’s not available publicly as before. This seems to be motivated by privacy concerns.
  • There still is no ability to search for the newly introduced PSC codes within the Contract Opportunities access point of As an EZGovOpps member, you don’t have to worry about that as that functionality is live in the Solicitations Search module (the legacy PSC codes are still available as well). Also new to EZGovOpps is the ability to search by categories which reflects the grouping of the new PSC codes.
  • Searching in by 2nd and or 3rd tier levels of agencies/offices has proven to be unreliable in our experience due to not matching most of FBOs 2nd and 3rd tier agencies/offices.
  • FPDS ad hoc reporting has moved to as of 2 weeks ago and we have noted this access has been problematic as well. Fortunately, these datapoints are not needed for our platform to run properly.

In conclusion, the site continues to be an incongruous source for contractors that rely on it solely. Notably, has fewer features than the legacy system. With the points identified in this report, we’ve spent countless hours ensuring you have a leg up over vendors using these public websites. Again, we thank you for your patience during the transition and will continue to keep you updates as the situation progresses.

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