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Human Performance and Readiness: North Carolina Research Campus

The Offices of United States Senator Richard Burr and United States Senator Thom Tillis, the North Carolina Military Business Center, the North Carolina Biotechnology Center and the University of North Carolina are pleased to host the Medical, Biomedical & Biodefense: Support to the Warfighter Symposium on June 14 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.





Gamma Advanced Technology
WHEN.  June 14, 2017
WHERE.  University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
The Friday Conference Center
100 Friday Center Drive
Chapel Hill, North Carolina  27599

Website: For more information or to register, visit:


Muscle damage, viruses and inflammation are all enemies of the warfighter. David Nieman DRPH, FACSM, director of the Appalachian State University Human Performance Laboratory, and Steven Zeisel MD, PHD, director of the UNC Chapel Hill Nutrition Research Institute, who are both based at the North Carolina Research Campus, present their research on the impact of the nutrient choline and plant compounds such as polyphenols on the overall readiness and performance of soldiers.


David Nieman, DrPH, is the director of the Appalachian State University Human Performance Laboratory at the NC Research Campus in Kannapolis, NC, just outside of Charlotte. An expert and pioneer in the field of exercise and nutrition immunology, Dr. Nieman leads research and conducts human clinical trials using metabolomics and proteomics to provide a whole-body perspective in sports nutrition studies focused on nutritional countermeasures to exercise-induced immune dysfunction, inflammation, and oxidative stress that include the study of carbohydrate beverages, blueberries and other fruit,  flavonoids, and novel food components. He is recognized for research that defines the impact of exercise on physiologic and immune biomarkers, including transient alterations in innate immune function, elevations in stress hormones, pro-and anti-inflammatory cytokines and reactive oxygen species. His research also uses metabolomics-based studies that demonstrate how nutritional intervention can attenuate immune inflammatory responses to vigorous exercise, hasten recovery, and even accelerate the release of small phenolics from the gut. He earned a bachelor’s degree in physical education at Pacific Union College and a masters and doctorate in public health from Loma Linda College.

Steven Zeisel, MD, PhD, director of the UNC Chapel Hill Nutrition Research Institute at the North Carolina Research Campus NC Research Campus in Kannapolis, NC, just outside of Charlotte. He is credited with the discovery of choline’s role as an essential nutrient, particularly for women during pregnancy. His studies on choline were the first to create an understanding of the nutrient’s critical role in brain development of infants. Zeisel’s successful work with choline has led him to use the nutrient as a model for the identification of individual differences in nutrient metabolism that is driving new discoveries in metabolomics, nutrigenomics, obesity, and cancer. He attended medical school at Harvard University and completed his residency in pediatrics at Yale- New Haven Hospital. He earned his PhD in Nutrition from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After joining UNC Chapel Hill’s faculty, he became professor and chair of the UNC Department of Nutrition, the first department of nutrition in the country in both a school of public health and a medical school. He was later named a Kenan Distinguished University Professor of Nutrition and Pediatrics at the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health and at the UNC School of Medicine.


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