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Marine Corps Installations transition to new access control system

On June 5, Marine Corps Installations across the region will begin transitioning to a new government-owned access control system called Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS).  This new and enhanced system will replace RAPIDGate and MCESS for contractors and other non-DoD-affiliated personnel requiring installation access.  DBIDS is already installed at more than 320 sites with over 5 million registered personnel and unlike previous systems, this one is a free service.  
Current RAPIDGate or MCESS credentials can easily be switched out for a DBIDS credential and new contractors can apply for a DBIDS credential using the same vetting requirements as previously required.  RAPIDGate/MCESS credentials will be honored until September 30, 2018.  After this date, all contractors will be required to have a DBIDS credential in order to access MCB Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River.  In order to reduce wait time when exchanging your RAPIDGate/MCESS credential, it is highly recommended each applicant pre-register at!/.
Here’s what you need to know:
 If you currently hold a valid Common Access Card (CAC), dependent ID card, reserve ID card, or retiree ID card, issued by the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS), no further action is required.
 You will be automatically enrolled in DBIDS when your ID card is initially scanned at the gate. Expect a one-time delay of 3-6 seconds as the DBIDS system initially registers your information.
 Beginning June 5, 2018, RAPIDGate/MCESS card holders will be required to present a second form of government-issued identification to the gate sentry, along with the RAPIDGate/MCESS credential, in order to access MCB Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River.
 DBIDS credentials will be issued beginning June 25, 2018
 DBIDS credentials will be valid for the duration of your contract, not to exceed five years; however, re-vetting of individuals’ information will occur each year.
 Contractors can exchange their current RAPIDGate/MCESS credential for a DBIDS credential without re-vetting, however they will be required to bring the following items:
o Current RAPIDGate/MCESS credential
o Second form of government-issued identification (driver license, passport, etc.)
o Company Contract/Letter of Authorization
 New DBIDS credentials will be valid for the remainder of the contract (not to exceed 5 years), but individuals will be re-vetted each year.
 All contractors (MCB Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River) will be able to exchange their current RAPIDGate/MCESS credential at the Camp Lejeune Contractor Vetting Office, Building TT-13, next to the Wilson Gate.  NOTE: If a contractor requires flight line access, they must exchange their credential at Building AS-187 next to MCAS New River’s Main Gate entrance.  Only contractors needing flight line access will be serviced at AS-187.  Flight line access will still be granted at AS-302 using the procedures already in place.
 DBIDS credentials will be issued beginning June 25, 2018
 New contractors requiring access for over 60 days will receive a credential valid for up to one year.
 New contractors requiring access for less than 60 days will receive a temporary paper pass.
REMINDER:  Beginning June 5, 2018, all personnel in possession of a RAPIDGate/MCESS credential will also be required to provide a second valid U.S. government form of identification.  Beginning June 25, 2018, DBIDS credentials will be issued or exchanged in place of a RAPIDGate/MCESS credential.  The last day RAPIDGate/MCESS credentials will be authorized for entry onto the installation is September 30, 2018.
More information on DBIDS can be accessed by current CAC holders at!/resources.
If you have questions regarding the exchange of a current RAPIDGate/MCESS credential for DBIDS or you are a new contractor seeking enrollment into DBIDS, please contact the Contractor Vetting Office at 910-451-0283/0284/0285.

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