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Military Energy and Environmental Roundtable – Registration Open (Oct 24, Wilmington)

Southeast Region Military Energy and Environmental Roundtable:
Attendee Registration is Open!
The Offices of Senator Richard Burr and Senator Thom Tillis, the North Carolina Military Business Center, the Environmental Defense Fund, North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality are pleased to host the Southeast Region Military Energy and Environmental Roundtable (Oct 24) in conjunction with the Southeast Region Federal Construction, Infrastructure & Environmental Summit (Oct 24-25) at the Wilmington Convention Center in Wilmington, North Carolina.


October 24, 2017 from 1300-1700 
WHERE. Wilmington Convention Center, 515 Nutt Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

PURPOSE. The Southeast Military Energy & Environmental Roundtable (MERV) provides a forum to discuss emerging federal government policies, Department of Defense and federal agency programs, and implementing initiatives at military installations and federal facilities in the energy and environmental fields. A senior government keynote speaker will outline policies and goals of the new administration, and set the stage for discussion of energy and environmental programs during the sector-specific breakout sessions that follow.

ENERGY. The energy roundtable will address DoD- and agency-wide goals, major projects outside this region, and project at facilities in the Southeast in the areas of energy conservation, renewable generation, microgrids, storage, etc. that support agency policy, energy security and force readiness. The roundtable will also identify emerging technologies and business capacity in the Southeast to meet agency and installation objectives, and lessons learned about policy, statutory, regulatory and business environments that promote successful initiatives.  

As outlined in the agenda, sessions in this roundtable include: 
  • Session 1- Military Service and Installation Energy Priorities, Programs and Projects
  • Session 2- Case Studies: Emerging Technologies, Innovative Practices and Successful Implementations to Meet Energy Priorities
  • Session 3- Facilitated Discussion: Gaps, Needs and Solutions to Meet Energy Goals
ENVIRONMENTAL. The environmental roundtable will address DoD, agency and installation sustainability goals, challenges and initiatives. It will also address the regulatory environment and business capacity in the Southeast to mitigate challenges across a broad spectrum, to include: water, waste water, storm water, solid waste, air quality, compatible land use, historic and cultural preservation, etc. The roundtable will identify lessons learned, fiscally responsible and successful strategies, and emerging and mature technologies available to promote sustainability goals and regulatory compliance, while enhancing the mission readiness of the force.

EVENT WEBSITE.  For more information or to register, visit:


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