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TSA Checkpoint Property Screening Capability Maturation Roadmap and Data Collection/ Certification Process

On January 7, 2020, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issued a Special Notice on (ID 70T040CPSSQPL) on to inform vendors whose systems are not currently certified to the latest Accessible Property Screening Systems (APSS) Detection Standard v6.2 an opportunity to participate in the fiscal year 2020 Checkpoint Computed Tomography (CT) data collection and certification process with TSA. This data collection effort is a precursor process established to support the Checkpoint Property Screening System (CPSS) Program by expanding vendor participation. Information concerning the CPSS Program can be found in the attached document “Checkpoint Property Screening Capability Maturation Roadmap” and under beta.SAM Notice -Qualified Products List Overview and Window Openings for Checkpoint Property Screening System (CPSS). Please see link below for the attached document “Data Collection and Certification Process” for all details concerning the fiscal year 2020 Checkpoint CT data collection and certification process.

Contracting Office Address

601 S. 12TH STREET


Primary Point of Contact

Jacqueline Stader,


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