Possible Government Shut Down at Midnight Tonight! How will it affect YOU?

It has been almost 15 years since the last federal government shut down. The impact on contractors was significant, but nothing like it will be this year if the Congress fails to pass a spending bill to keep the government funded past midnight tonight, April 8th.  How would a federal government shut down affect you and your business?

Understanding how the government’s regulations apply to your contracts and business can make the difference between prosperity and failure in the contracting space.

Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, L.L.P. (CBH) is a highly respected accounting firm that specializes in the needs of government contractors.  They offer a highly experienced team of professionals, including former government contract employees and government procurement executives. CBH has published a guide for contractors to prepare for a potential shutdown as well as a Recorded Version of “Shutdown Planning for Government Contractors” Webinar.

NCMBC recommends that you review the most recent guide and Webinar and , as needed, implement these guidelines.  The following is a link to the guide on CBH’s government contractor blog:

What You Can Do Now to Prepare for a Possible Government Shutdown

The NCMBC appreciate our relationship with CBH and the opportunity to share this guide with contractors across the state.  For questions, contact Carlene Kamradt with CBH at 910.483.7131 or email ckamradt@cbh.com.

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