Business Spotlight: Hughes Associates, Inc.

Fire protection engineering considerations on projects require time and effort by qualified personnel to satisfy the applicable requirements. At Hughes Associates, Inc. (HAI), we work under a philosophy of cohesive design from concept narratives, through proposal preparation to design execution and commissioning. We anticipate issues that may arise throughout the Design-Build (D-B) process, reducing uncertainty about the ultimate construction cost and schedule.  HAI’s staff, which consists of more than 150 fire protection engineers in more than 25 offices (including Raleigh and Virginia Beach), can approach and solve design challenges which may involve building and fire codes, life safety, property protection, mission continuity, heritage preservation, and environmental protection. Our engineers can also develop and obtain approval for performance-based designs, which focus on specific protection criteria.

At HAI, we make design simple for our clients and their installation team. We provide our clients with engineers who are in the forefront of fire protection technology as an integral part of the D-B team. We also provide detailed life safety analyses from complete project review to fire/egress models, smoke control, sprinkler/fire alarm response and much more. All documents can be developed in conventional CADD or BIM format. HAI has an established record of helping clients realize the facility desired by the end-user.

The Fire Protection Engineer managing the Raleigh office is Jim Amy, P.E., and he can be reached by phone at (919)901-5846 and by e-mail at


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