Assisted NC businesses in winning 2,749 contracts valued up to $30.94 billion

Energy and Environmental

GENERAL. North Carolina has a commitment to innovation within the energy, environmental and utilities industries.  According to the North Carolina Department of Commerce, North Carolina is:

  •  the first and only state in the southeastern United States to enact a mandatory Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard

  • is home to over 1,000 companies who participate in the renewable energy and energy efficiency supply chains

Additionally, the U.S. Energy Information Administration says that North Carolina is ranked 6th in the nation in net electricity generation from nuclear power in 2013, producing 5.1% of the nation’s total.   According to the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association, North Carolina has:

  • a growing solar sector with national caliber solar developers, over 600 MW of capacity, over 23,000 FTE jobs, and a varied supply chain including module and array manufacturers

  • a smart grid sector with over 1,000 jobs, micro-grid demonstration, advanced training programs, and highly regarded product manufacturing and research entities

  • a building efficiency sector with over 11,000 jobs, many LEED certified buildings, and strong growth potential

The U.S. federal government has announced a Clean Power Plan that outlines goals for all states to achieve carbon reduction by 2030.  Additionally, the Department of Defense and the federal government have announced aggressive goals for clean energy, including securing 25% of its energy requirements from renewable sources by the year of 2025. 

With this significant federal and Department of Defense demand for clean energy and North Carolina’s significant capacity in both renewable energy and energy conservation this industry represents significant opportunity for businesses to engage in the federal marketplace.   The North Carolina Military Business Center (NCMBC) is prepared to assist businesses in the state to engage successfully in these markets and to grow jobs thru environmental and energy-related federal opportunities.  The NCMBC is also prepared to assist businesses to leverage contracts with contracts or public-private partnership opportunities to support our installations with water, wastewater, storm water, natural gas and other utilities. 





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NCMBC Key Information

  • NCMBC-assisted firms won 2749 contracts – worth between $8.2 billion and $30.9 billion – from the NCMBC’s opening in 2005 through September 2017
  • FY2016: Federal agencies awarded $4.6 billion in prime contracts to companies in 100 of 100 North Carolina counties
  • FY2016: Department of Defense awarded $2.4 billion in prime contracts to companies in 79 of 100 North Carolina counties
  • NCMBC’s return on State investment: 23:1






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