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SESSION FOCUS: Austere Medical Challenges

Austere Medical Challenges
Austere medicine is the practice of medicine in resource-constrained environments. This could be in the wilderness, in developing countries, after disasters or in a battlefield. The projected future, multi-domain battlefield against a peer or near-peer adversary will present incredibly challenging medical situations for our military service members. Understanding this environment and the challenges is a crucial aspect of working with military partners to improve survivability. This panel of military medical experts bring decades of experience in providing medical treatments in austere environments. They will offer perspectives on the challenges presented by these environments and how prolonged care is an inherent part of these situations.
  • 1st Special Forces Command
  • US Army Special Operations Command
  • Special Operations Medical Detachment

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Considering the current COVID operational environment, the beginning of government travel restrictions and the commitment of all co-hosts to provide a valuable, impactful and safe event, we are postponing the in-person MBB Symposium until June 8-9, 2022.
We are as disappointed in this decision as everyone who will read this message, but ultimately, we feel it is the best decision given the current environment and trending figures.
Although we cannot gather in-person next month, we invite you to participate in a virtual, “MBB-Light” web conference, scheduled for Sept. 29-30, 2021.  We hope that you will participate in those sessions.  There will be no cost to participate in the virtual sessions. If you would like to participate, please register under the event website for the free virtual platform.

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