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Congratulations to Advanced Hydrogen Technologies Corporation (AHTC)

Advanced Hydrogen Technologies Corporation has been awarded a phase I ($4000) in the Army’s  xTechSearch Competition with its novel technology,  “Non-Explosive Welding” (NEXW). NEXW impact-bonds (welds/joins)  different materials by colliding them at a high-velocity via  chemically produced ultra-high pressure hydrogen providing a much stronger and uniform bond than current explosive bonding methods.  NEXW propulsion  launches projectiles at hyper-velocities for impact bonding metals and ceramics for applications ranging from high-performance cutting tools, light-weight armor, and long-range projectile propulsion systems.  Pete & I visited Picatinny Arsenal and discussed his technology with 22 of their scientists and engineers who expressed great interest in the technology.  He is currently working a prototype system for the National Science Foundation.   Awards for xTechSearch Phase I, II, III,& IV are $4k, $10k, $120k, & $250k.  Congratulations, Pete, and good luck on Phase II.    

Contact Pete for more information:

Pete Lohr
President and Chief Technical Officer
Advanced Hydrogen Technologies Corporation (AHTC)
P.O. Box 3463
Morganton NC 28680

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