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Energy/Environmental Program at the SE Region Federal Construction, Infrastructure and Environmental Summit (Oct 21-22, 2020)

The annual Southeast Region Federal Construction, Infrastructure and Environmental Summit is going virtual!  Visit:

  • Environmental & Energy Priorities for Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Installations. This session describes the environmental and energy priorities of each military branch. This background is important in understanding the policy construct faced by each of the military bases on the ground.
  • Environmental Compliance and Cleanup Challenges at Military Bases. North Carolina military bases are part of a $1.7 billion construction taking place as part of the Hurricane Florence recovery efforts. This session will highlight the environmental remediation associated with demolition, including sustainable solid waste practices. Finally, this session will discuss broad environmental compliance requirements associated with military bases.
  • Energy Resilience and Conservation Practices at North Carolina Military Bases. This session will feature major energy resilience, conservation, and cybersecurity at Camp LeJeune, Fort Bragg and any additional work going on at other North Carolina military bases. Participants on this session include Honeywell and Duke Energy working on this multi-million energy efficiency and energy resilience program. Learn about the work at these installations and meet the Utility Services Contract Program Managers overseeing its execution.
  • Innovative Energy Technologies in Practice at Military Bases. This session will review particular projects at military bases using cutting edge energy technologies. Learn about the projects and what makes them so unique from the contractors involved in the work. Contractors involved are ones that are bringing an entire team to the work.
Join us October 21 – 22, 2020 for two full days of: 
  • Engaging keynote speakers
  • Department of Defense Program and Issues Dialogues with the US Army, US Air Force, US Navy and US Marine Corps with FY21 and beyond forecasts from installations in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida (invited)
  • Federal Agency Program and Issues Dialogues detailing FY21 and beyond forecasts with the Department of Veterans Affairs, US Coast Guard, General Services Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, National Institutes of Health, US Department of State and many more (invited)
  • Dedicated energy and environmental sessions
  • Interactive panel discussions on critical topics for federal contractors such as CMMC (cybersecurity maturity model certification), contracting technical and legal issues, disaster response opportunities and much more
  • Meet and greet sessions with prime contractors on the General Construction MACC and Hurricane Florence Recovery program.  
  • Built-in networking system where you can upload your LinkedIn profile (not required), search participants and connect with government and military representatives, general and specialty contractors, design firms, construction supply firms, companies that provide facility-support contracts, resource partners and current federal contractors seeking partners and suppliers during the Summit in the event platform.  

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