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Floating Solar Microgrid Project at Ft. Bragg

Last October, the NC Military Business Center (NCMBC) held its annual Southeast Federal Construction, Infrastructure & Environmental Summit. At that virtual event, NCMBC featured Jennifer Shaltanis, Program Manager with Duke Energy and Michelle Wheeler, Business Development Manager at Ameresco on a session discussing energy resilience and conservation. Both Michelle and Jennifer are working on a microgrid and power generation project at Ft. Bragg under what is known as a utility energy services contract.

Federal agencies such as the U.S. Department of Energy participate in programs to increase energy efficiency, water conservation, and/or management of energy demand by electric utilities. Duke Energy and Amersco entered this type of arrangement for Ft. Bragg and the work includes energy efficiency work in lighting, water conservation, and mechanical upgrades.

One of the most unique features of their project work is a floating solar system, the first for Ameresco. The solar panels produce 1 MW of power and take up roughly two acres of water. The floating solar microgrid avoids excavation of a traditional ground mount solar project; it is anchored at the bottom of the lake and electrical wiring with conduit runs through the lake.

The space is used for special operations training and it is in a rather remote area of the base – perfect for getting familiar with a new technology as it gets implemented.

Audrey Oxendine, the Chief of the Energy and Utilities Branch, also noted the interesting project in her remarks at the same summit on a panel titled “Innovative Energy Technologies in Practice in Military Bases”.

This unique project was featured in the Microgrid 2020 Global event and showcased in the following recent article. The microgrid project will be operational within 2021 and provides a great example of energy security, resilience, and other military energy priorities in practice at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.


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