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Human Performance Optimization Advanced Technologies Showcase Now Accepting Quad Charts MBB Symposium Website

TRACK FOCUS: The Department of Defense (DoD) continues to seek ways to improve Service members’ physical, cognitive and emotional health and performance. Effective human performance optimization (HPO) demands improvements in and ways to integrate multiple disciplines–cognitive performance, physical performance, nutrition, psychological health and performance and recovery–in context-specific environments. The DoD is interested in ways to improve all components of HPO including data driven solutions that can interface with physical infrastructure, increase HPO data streams, and aggregate previously siloed data into actionable information that can inform and improve the efficiency of training programs and Service member health and performance for the duration of their careers.

As part of the MBB Symposium, the North Carolina Defense Technology Transition Office (DEFTECH) and the NC Center for Optimizing Military Performance (NC-COMP) will conduct an HPO Advanced Technology Showcase. DEFTECH will release a “Request for Technologies – RFT” addressing a broad range of HPO R&D areas. Submissions consist of a formatted quad chart and a one-page info paper that will be assessed by a team of government experts and 6-8 will be selected to present. Selected companies will be given time to “pitch” (think shark tank) its technologies and how they contribute to optimizing human health and performance.
The value of this session is to get one-on-one and collective government feedback, suggestions and connections that will help improve your solution and better position it for potential government and or commercial contracts. To be clear, no government contracting or funding will directly result from these pitches. Those not chosen to present will have their quad chart submission included in an HPO-ATS booklet that will be distributed to government subject matter experts. Of course, all are invited and encouraged to register, attend and take advantage of this “one-stop shop” to learn and connect with government and industry Human Performance experts.
For the RFT, Quad Chart for submission, and other supporting documents go to: 2021 MBB DEFTECH Human Performance Tech Google Drive:
For more information on the MBB Symposium, visit:


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