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Raleigh, NC July 9, 2019th– The North Carolina Defense Industry Diversification Initiative (NC DIDI) will host a recruiting and outreach event entitled the “Charlotte Regional Defense Contractor Aviation & Cyber Recruitment Event”  on July 30th, 2019.  With the launch of the their newly minted program, the Universal Production Growth Resiliency and Diversification Extension program (U.P.G.R.A.D.E.), this phase of NC DIDI is designed to help North Carolina’s defense contractors in the aerospace and aviation supply chain diversify into alternative markets.  The initiative also seeks to ensure that the defense supply chain remains robust by aiding companies in better understanding the Department of Defense’s newest cybersecurity regulations.  Participants will also discuss solutions to the challenges being faced by businesses who contract or subcontract.

“Surveying North Carolina’s defense business industry was done in an effort to acquire derived actionable insights from the data generated throughout the supply chain.  After capturing thoughts on how this process could be streamlined, this initiative is now positioned to make recommendations for a strategic plan for the state’s Defense contractors and suppliers in the areas of aerospace, cybersecurity and additive manufacturing.” said Secretary Larry D.  Hall, of the North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and Co-Chairman of NC DIDI. “These insights foster economic growth, job creation and innovation.”

 “Over the past year we have worked diligently to develop, coordinate and deploy a pilot project that serves the manufacturing and service industries in the defense industry cluster. We are starting to see the fruits of that labor and are ecstatic about sharing the preliminary results with the community.” said Phil Mintz, Executive Director of North Carolina State University’s Industry Expansion Solutions.  “This is just the beginning of a larger initiative to continue to enhance standards and maintain sustainability.

NC DIDI will present the results of the state’s first defense industry supply chain study to  community and the successes of companies that took part in first round of the U.P.G.R.A.D.E program. Companies will also learn about how the newest cyber security requirements can potentially hurt their bottomline if they are not in compliance for their next contract.  Additionally, they will reveal an action  plan for the states’ defense industry contractors and suppliers, distribute information about resources specific to the region and share knowledge gathered from Prime Contractors.   The event is being co-sponsored by the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance.

The event will be held at the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance located at 330 South Tryon Street in Charlotte, NC.    The presentation will begin at 10:00 a.m and conclude at 11:30 a.m.   The attendance of  DoD contracting companies, economic development officers, government officials and  procurement experts is requested. While the event is free, registration is highly recommended. Those wishing to participate in the town hall can register at our website, www.ncdidi.comor at EventBrite.

NC DIDI was developed as a proactive response to changes in federal defense spending in the state. The initiative seeks to ensure that the defense supply chain remains robust, so that it is able to quickly absorb sudden high demands from Department of Defense agencies.

The NC Defense Industry Diversification Initiative Advisory Board is chaired by NC Department of Military Affairs Secretary Larry Halland NC State Industry Expansion Solutions Executive Director Phil Mintz. NC DIDI is funded through a grant awarded by the United State Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment.

The North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (NCDMVA) provides advice, counsel and recommendations to the Governor, the NC General Assembly, the Secretary of Commerce and other State agencies on initiatives, programs and legislation that will continue and increase the role that NC’s military installations, the National Guard and Reserves play in America’s defense strategy and the economic health and vitality of the State.  The NCDMVA also works to improve the accessibility of health, education, training, counseling, financial, and burial benefits and services to veterans and their dependents. 

Industry Expansion Solutions (IES) is the engineering-based, solutions-driven, client-focused unit of NC State University. Our broad portfolio and deep industry expertise help organizations grow, innovate and prosper. Our extensive partnerships with business, industry, education and government generate a unique culture of collaboration that provides access to cutting-edge expertise, research, and technology.

The Charlotte Regional Business Alliance was formed in 208 by uniting the Charlotte Chamber and Charlotte Regional Partnership into a single economic development enterprise with a  vision to create the most vibrant, innovative and healthy economy in the country.  Representing the Charlotte reigon’s unique and diverse counties, the Alliance reinforces their position as a leader in business, innovation and talent and builds on the experience and passion of both legacy organizations. The Alliance is responsible for recruiting businesses to relocate and expand in the Charlotte region. The regional partnership, which represents Mecklenburg County along with 10 nearby counties in North Carolina and four in upstate South Carolina, has overseen a number of high-profile economic development projects.


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