Assisted NC businesses in winning 4,410 contracts minimum value of $17.04 billion
Support Provided by Fayetteville Technical Community College


Although COVID-19 is a health emergency, this unfortunate situation creates business opportunities as well as challenges.  For a complete database of current federal contract opportunities, visit  NC businesses can also register for free to receive automatic matches to federal contract opportunities at  Below are specific, high-priority opportunities.

General Services Administration Needs

  • Critical Supply: List of needs as of April 16, 2020. Vendors with availability to provide these Critical Supply Items should email
  • Items not on Critical Supply List but in Support. IF the item is NOT on the Critical Supply List (above), but is in support of this emergency, send all requests to
  • Vendors with Solutions. Vendors with a COVID-19 solution that is not PPE but they want to assist in this crisis (illustrative example: I’m Acme Company, and I can make an instant pressurized pop up isolation chamber that can be modified for hospitals to use to contain germs in a tight space, etc). Vendors should register in make sure they have selected to be part of the “Disaster Response Registry”  
  • Need help getting onto GSA Schedule?  Contact: Jan Zeigler, GSA FAS SC Customer Service Director/Industry Liaison,

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Instructions for PPE providers and customers where to go in North Carolina.   North Carolina organizations receiving inquiries from PPE providers or potential PPE buyers should advise them to examine and register at the following 3 websites: 

    • The North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NCMEP) in partnership with NCDPS Emergency Management is building a database of companies with certain capabilities during this critical time in order to fulfill critical needs. If your company currently does or can quickly begin production, please complete their COVID-19 Procurement Form.   
    • Primarily Non-Textile PPE (face shields, etc) & PPE Components register and find suppliers/buyers at  Also, Supplyconnector includes both textile and non-textile PPE and collaborates with Carolina Textile District and IES/MEP.  
    • Note:  PPE Providers wanting to do business with the federal govt may need to be registered on and should be directed to  or for assistance.
  • DLA Troop Support manages the medical supply chain, which includes equipment like ventilators and medical supplies such as personal protective equipment, or PPE.  If you think you can help, send your capability statement to

Infrastructure Opportunities

Surveys/Request for Information


NCMBC Key Information

  • NCMBC-assisted firms won 4,410 contracts – minimum value at $17.10 billion – from the NCMBC’s opening in 2005 through June 2022
  • FY2021: Federal agencies awarded $7.3 billion in prime contracts to companies in 97 of 100 North Carolina counties
  • FY2021: Department of Defense awarded $3.8 billion in prime contracts to companies in 82 of 100 North Carolina counties
  • NCMBC’s return on State investment: 32:1







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