Assisted NC businesses in winning 4,272 contracts minimum value of $16.74 billion
Support Provided by Fayetteville Technical Community College

Defense Logistics Agency Energy

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Energy, headquartered in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, provides all of the military ground, marine, and aviation fuels to the bases as well as quality assurance and utility services. The DLA Energy mission is simple: to ensure that warfighters and customers have all the necessary fuel and energy support for missions anywhere in the world. The majority of DLA’s business is procurement and distribution of military petroleum products. However, since the mid 2000s, DLA Energy has pursued alternative fuel and renewable energy sources as new procurement initiatives materialized.

DLA Energy provides fuels delivered to military customers in several different ways.  Military bulk fuel is provided worldwide for military jet fuel and marine diesel fuel. Direct delivery  fuel or ground fuel provides aviation fuel at posts and stations everywhere. It also includes emergency fuel needed for the warfighter.

DLA Energy divides the U.S. into different customer support groups or COGs. North Carolina is part of COG 4 and COG 4 includes the states of Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, and South Carolina. DLA solicits proposals for its direct fuel program every five years. North Carolina has more than 100 “fuel points” that DLA Energy supplies all around the state. This linkallows the user to download each of the fuel points in the state, the solicitation number, and the firms that have won contracts.

There are a few tools available to help companies work with the DLA Energy. The Contract Information System provides information on all of the current contracts issued by DLA Energy; the Enterprise External Business Portal is the system for all customer and business partners, from everything from direct sales ordering and account management,t o reporting. The Small Business Overview provides a brief overview of the ways to successfully engage the DLA. Finally, more resources for working with the DLA can be found at the DLA Energy Portal including training, tools, and system access information.

NCMBC Key Information

  • NCMBC-assisted firms won 4,272 contracts – minimum value at $16.74 billion – from the NCMBC’s opening in 2005 through December 2021
  • FY2020: Federal agencies awarded $9.5 billion in prime contracts to companies in 97 of 100 North Carolina counties
  • FY2020: Department of Defense awarded $6.1 billion in prime contracts to companies in 83 of 100 North Carolina counties
  • NCMBC’s return on State investment: 33:1







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