Assisted NC businesses in winning 4,424 contracts minimum value of $17.04 billion
Support Provided by Fayetteville Technical Community College


What is the NC Military Business Center?   The North Carolina Military Business Center (NCMBC) is a business development entity of the North Carolina Community College System, headquartered at Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC).  The mission of the NCMBC is to leverage military and other federal business opportunities to expand the economy, grow jobs and improve quality of life in North Carolina.  The NCMBC’s primary goal is to help existing businesses identify, bid on and win military and other federal contracts – to increase federal revenues for North Carolina companies. 

How is the NC Military Business Center funded?  The NCMBC is funded by the State of North Carolina’s General Assembly. 

Are your services free?  Yes, the NCMBC is a state-funded organization; therefore, our services are free to companies within the state of North Carolina. 

Where is my closest NCMBC representative?  NCMBC representatives are strategically located throughout the entire state of NC.  To find your closest representative, visit our Contact Us page.

What is  To connect North Carolina businesses with all possible opportunities, including local opportunities at bases in the state, the NCMBC administers the State’s official, FREE web portal for federal contracting –  North Carolina businesses register on the portal, receive automatic matches to federal prime opportunities and to sub-contracting opportunities posted by other registered businesses, and post job opportunities for FREE that match job skills posted by registered individuals.  Firms identifying contract opportunities through MatchForce then contact the NCMBC for one-on-one assistance.

How do I get signed up for the list of bidders on base?  There is no single list – there are several actions you can take to find out about upcoming solicitations and make it known that you are an interested vendor. One, search regularly- you may add yourself as an interested vendor on a specific solitication only.  Two,  depending on what industry you are in, you may sign up with prime contractors on their websites to receive subcontracting solicitations.  Three, be sure you are signed up on  and so that you will receive notifications from the NCMBC on upcoming bids.

How can I get added to your database for notifications?  Simply register at which automatically adds you to the NCMBC notification database.  Alternatively, you can email, with your name, company name, company address, phone number, email and NAICS codes.  Please make the subject line of your email:  NCMBC Database Addition. 

How can I get added to your database for event notifications and your newsletter?  Simply email,, with your name, company name, company address, phone number and email.  Please make the subject line of your email:  NCMBC Newsletter Addition.

My company wants to hire veterans, can the NCMBC provide assistance? The NCMBC works with the transition assistance programs on NC bases as well as organizations (i.e. Marine for Life) that assist veterans to find jobs.  Please forward your job description to Courtney Smedick (  Ms. Smedick can also provide additional resources that your company should consider using in their search for qualified veterans.  NCMBC employment resources are economic development initiatives that principally support business recruitment and business expansion in North Carolina and provide the highly skilled, educated, experienced, and disciplined workforce resources that businesses need to successfully engage in the military, federal and civilian marketplace.

NCMBC Key Information

  • NCMBC-assisted firms won 4,410 contracts – minimum value at $17.10 billion – from the NCMBC’s opening in 2005 through June 2022
  • FY2021: Federal agencies awarded $7.3 billion in prime contracts to companies in 97 of 100 North Carolina counties
  • FY2021: Department of Defense awarded $3.8 billion in prime contracts to companies in 82 of 100 North Carolina counties
  • NCMBC’s return on State investment: 32:1







NORTH CAROLINA: YOUR MISSION IS OUR MISSION, Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina

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The NC Military Business Center, the NC Community College System, and the State of North Carolina do not officially endorse events. These items are posted strictly for the information and convenience of NCMBC customers.

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