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Introduction to Federal Contract Pricing (May 27, Virtual)

The North Carolina Military Business Center will host an “Introduction to Federal Contract Pricing” virtual training on May 27, 2021 from 0900-1100.

When. May 27, 2021 from 0900-1100.

Platform. The NCMBC will host this session on the Zoom for Government platform. Credentials will be provided following registration. 

Who should attend. Businesses engaging in federal contracting as prime contractors or subcontractors.

About. This webinar is intended to acquaint participants with the broad area of contract pricing, so you can assess and determine if you need additional training in specific pricing subjects to improve your capabilities. The webinar is not intended to instruct participants in how to develop pricing for the different price arrangement in federal contracts. 

This session is an introduction to the knowledge you need about federal contract pricing if you are:

  • A company competing as a prospective offeror for a new prime contract or subcontract; or
  • An incumbent prime contractor with an existing contract under which certain government actions will trigger your entitlement to request an adjustment in the contract price or estimated total cost.

Pre-Award Pricing. If you are a prospective offeror trying to win a new contract or subcontract, then knowledge of the following subjects can enhance your competitive ability: 

  • How to interpret the pricing instructions in solicitations for different types of contract price arrangements;
  • Government regulations that control pricing for federal contracts;
  • Different price arrangements that the government uses to buy products and services;
  • Cost risk for a contractor under different contract price arrangements; and 
  • How to capture all allowable costs in your price proposal, especially “hidden” costs of mandatory compliance with post-award contract clauses.

Post-Award Pricing. If you are an incumbent prime contractor or subcontractor performing under an existing contract, then knowledge of the following subjects will help you to prevent a cost overrun and avoid uncompensated work:

  • Understanding the contract clauses that provide contractors with an entitlement for an adjustment in contract price for government actions such as scope of work changes, modifications, delay, suspension, differing site conditions, terminations; 
  • How to recognize and document government actions that cause a contractor to incur additional costs and trigger a contractor’s entitlement to an adjustment in contract price; and
  • Applying the contract clauses that entitle a contractor to assert a request for an adjustment in contract price.

Learning Goal for this Webinar. Participants in this webinar should be able to determine what additional training and assistance in specific pricing subjects will improve their capability to: 

  • Understand the government pricing rules and price arrangements for different types of products and services which the federal government buys; 
  • Understand government solicitations and pricing instructions so that you can capture all allowable costs, including “hidden” costs, in a price proposal for a new contract;
  • Recognize and document government actions that cause a contractor to incur additional cost;
  • Understand and apply different contract clauses that provide a contractor with an entitlement to an adjustment in contract price or estimated total cost for various government actions; and  
  • Assert a request for an adjustment in contract price or estimated total cost under a relevant contract clause.

About the Presenter. Gary Silverman, CPCM, CFCM, CCCM (Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, retired)
25 years in federal contract administration; Formerly, a government contracting officer with U.S. Army and Defense Contract Management Agency; Formerly, a contracts manager and negotiator in the legal department of a large defense contractor (Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc.) responsible for administering a federal contracts portfolio with a value of $1.5 Billion encompassing multiple contracts for construction, engineering services, and logistics services with all types of price arrangements; Since 2017, an independent instructor in federal contract administration for Management Concepts, Inc., the largest commercial provider of training to the federal contracting workforce; Has instructed courses in various contracting subjects for government contracting personnel in 30 different federal agencies. Holds certifications from the National Contract Management Association (Certified Professional Contracts Manager; Certified Federal Contracts; Certified Commercial Contracts Manager).

Registration. Although this is a free event, registration is required in order to receive the virtual platform log-in credentials. 

Contact Courtney

Office:  (828) 327.7000 ext. 4634
Mobile:  (828) 446.7193

NCMBC Key Information

  • NCMBC-assisted firms won 3,702 contracts – minimum value at $14.81 billion – from the NCMBC’s opening in 2005 through December 2020
  • FY2020: Federal agencies awarded $9.5 billion in prime contracts to companies in 97 of 100 North Carolina counties
  • FY2020: Department of Defense awarded $6.1 billion in prime contracts to companies in 83 of 100 North Carolina counties
  • NCMBC’s return on State investment: 33:1







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