The North Military Business Center (NCMBC) created and Governor Perdue launched "I Hire Military" in 2009 as an initiative to alert North Carolina employers of the value of hiring transitioning military and personnel and family members and provide a forum for employers to designate themselves as military friendly employers.

The goal in North Carolina is to grow jobs, expand our economy, expand our tax base and provide better quality of life for everyone in our state - military and civilians. "I Hire Military," a component of Governor Perdue's JobsNOW Initiative, suppports this goal.

A key component of expanding existing industries and attracting new businesses is a capable and ready workforce. Our transitioning military personnel and military family members represent a viable resource to support the workforce requirements expanding business capacity.

"I Hire Military" is comprised of two-prong effort to:

  • CONNECT WITH MILITARY: Assure military that we appreciate their service and their skills; and want to encourage them to stay in North Carolina
  • CONNECT WITH EMPLOYERS: Informing employers of the skills, training, education, discipline and other qualities of our transitioning military personnel (over 16,000 each year); and allow employers to identify themselves as employers who would like to hire veterans when possible 

Participation in the "I Hire Military" initiative includes employers signing an online compact stating that they recognize the value of the military workforce, commits to hire veterans and military family members whenever practical, and consent to being idenified - proudly - as military friendly employers.

AS A RESULT: Employer profiles are available on a searchable database of pledged employers. Military personnel can search this database to find employers who pledge to hire and link to employer websites, to MatchForce, and ESC to find current jobs.