Space Force Celebrates its 3rd Birthday

The United States Space Force recently celebrated its third birthday, though many folks probably don’t even now the newest branch of the United States Armed Services exists or what its members, called “Guardians”, are responsible for.  

When officially established on Dec. 20, 2019, the Space Force became the first new military branch since 1947. There have been calls for such a United States military branch since man first started exploring space. One of our first discoveries was that the “Guardians” deal mostly with satellites and the building of rockets, and work with both NASA and commercial space partners.  Headquartered at the Pentagon, the Space Force conducts many other round-the-clock operations including: missile warning, space control, satellite communications, environmental monitoring, space-based intelligence, and reconnaissance, and many more.

Article in Hope for the Warriors entitled ” HOPE‘s “Giant Leap” with the U.S. Space Force” written by Sébastien Roblin, dated March 30, 2023.