Infrastructure: Industry and Government Exchange Webinars and In-Person Event

Hosted by North Carolina Military Business Center
In Partnership with the Defense Alliance of North Carolina; 
the American Council of Engineering Companies of North Carolina 
and the Society of American Military Engineers

Purpose: As a follow-up to the 2023 Southeast Construction, Infrastructure and Environmental Summit’s “Industry and Government” exchange sessions in Wilmington, the following webinars and in-person event will be held to discuss: issues of inflation; supply chain issues; labor challenges; acquisition policies; and other issues that may affect North Carolina contractors working with the federal government. 


  • Webinar: October 26 beginning at 0900. Topic: Update on Labor Challenges and Acquisition Policies, Supply Chain Issues for Infrastructure. This session will discuss any progress made in acquisition policies and procedures that will assist contractor’s in today’s contracting environment within the federal government.  In addition, discussion on acquisition tools, timelines to award, use of varying acquisition methodologies to better balance the use of MACC, MATOCs, IDIQ and stand-alone contracts. For example, Early release of acquisition plans to existing contractors on MACCS or MACTOCs in order to plan and allow more time to negotiate roles and costs.  Identification and Publication of offerors on the short list for two phased procurements.This session will have industry members share experiences and best practices to address inflationary, supply chain and communications concerns between government and Industry partners on government contracts. While inflation and supply chain issues have abated somewhat, what is/can DoD do to help in mitigating some of the impact to federal contractors? For example, use of economic price adjustment clauses in contracts, extraordinary contractual relief procedures, progress payments, these are just a few possible solutions.Who should attend: General and Specialize trade contractors working within the Federal Government.
  • In-Person: November 15, 2023, Federal Infrastructure FY24 Program and Issues Update starting at 1300; Wayne Community College, Wayne Learning Center (WLC), 3000 Wayne Memorial Drive, Goldsboro, NC.

    During this in-person event, hosted by the North Carolina Military Business Center in partnership with the Defense Alliance of North Carolina; the American Council of Engineering Companies of North Carolina and the Society of American Military Engineers will focus on program and issues industry and government discussions resulting from the spring 2023 Southeast Region Federal Construction, Infrastructure and Environmental Summit in Wilmington, North Carolina and fall 2023 webinar sessions.  North Carolina industry firms to discuss a path forward on these issues and determine ways to mitigate the issues affecting NC firms doing business with the federal government. In addition, what actions or discussions with government personnel have taken place to assist in mitigating impact to North Carolina contractors.  Who should attend:  North Carolina general contractors, specialty trades and other NC partners and government representatives from NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic, United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Registration. Webinars and the in-person event are free; however, registration is required. Register here: