North Carolina Installation Innovation, and Modernization Symposium 

Event Title: North Carolina Installation Innovation, and Modernization Symposium
“Leveraging Technology and Data to Better Inform the Future”.

When. April 18, 2024 following the Southeast Region Federal Construction, Infrastructure and Environmental Summit at 1300.

Where. Wilmington Convention Center, 515 Nutt Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

Description: The inaugural North Carolina Installation Innovation and Modernization (NCI2M) Symposium focuses on Utility Infrastructure, Facility Modernization and Quality of Life in North Carolina. The purpose is to facilitate discussions, knowledge sharing and collaboration: Government to government, business to business, and government to business that advances innovative solutions to the challenges encountered in providing installation services and facilities management.

Event Problem Statement: Military installations face difficulties in adopting SMART technologies at a pace that is comparable to that of our city counterparts. As the United States modernizes its military forces, military installations must be adaptive, resilient, sustainable, and capable modern installations that enhance strategic readiness. How can North Carolina military installations leverage and implement smart city initiativesprocesses, or technologiesto create modern installations capable of supporting strategic readiness of our military?


  1. Military installation commanders, and city leaders discuss challenges of integrating standardized networked SMART technologies with the DoD network and systems resulting in……..?
  2. Industry subject matter experts engage civic and military leaders to discuss advances in technology and share their perspectives on innovative ways to leverage Smart technology sensors and data.
  3. Recommendations of future projects submitted through IMCOM to the Army Installation Modernization Council of Colonels for consideration in future Army Installation Modernization Pilot Program projects.

Business Participation.  The North Carolina Military Business Center highly encourages Summit and other businesses to participate in the NCI2M Symposium.  Per the above description, military commanders in North Carolina are seeking industry-provided input, suggestions, and recommendations that the commanders can submit through their respective installation management commands to support future pilot projects to implement SMART technologies in facilities on installations in North Carolina.


1200-1300: Registration and Check-In

1300-1330: Opening Remarks – Lieutenant General Christopher Donahue, Commanding General and Senior Mission Commander XVIII Airborne Corps & Fort Liberty, NC and Colonel John M. Wilcox, Fort Liberty Garrison Commander

1330-1435: Utility System Modernization the SMART Way. Panel members will discuss and explore the challenges in building modern and resilient utility infrastructure that is optimized, reliable and enables real-time monitoring of new or existing utility infrastructure. Areas to be discussed may include:

  • Energy Distribution and Microgrids
  • Communications (5G or other technologies)
  • Safety and Security
  • Storm Water Infrastructure
  • Road Design and Sustainment
  • Water / Wastewater / Steam Utilities
  • EV Support Infrastructure
  • Environmentally Sustainability

    Panel Members
  • Ms. Christine M. Ploschke, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army, Energy & Sustainability, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment
  • Colonel Andrew (Andy) C. Sinelli, ACoS Engineer US Army XVIII Airborne Corps, Fort Liberty, NC
  • Commander Jared W. England, Facility Engineer, US Coast Guard Base Elizabeth City 
  • Commander Robert (Bob) M. Syre, Public Works Officer, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River 
  • Dr. Phil J. Bresnahan, Assistant Professor, Earth and Ocean Sciences Center for Marine Science, University of North Carolina Wilmington 
  • Dr. James J. English, Biosurveillance Network Coordinator, Biological Threats Program,USGS, Ecosystems Mission Area 
  •  Mr. John Whiteaker, Regional Engagement Principal – Carolinas, National Security Innovation Network (NSIN), Department of Defense 

1445-1545: Facility Modernization / Maintenance and SMART Technologies. Panel members will discuss the challenges of modernizing facilities using advanced building methods that enhance occupant quality of life, enables efficient utilization of resources using real-time data analytics, and minimizes waste, contributing to a greener and more environmentally responsible future. Areas to be discussed may include:

  • Work environments (Office, Maintenance Facilities, etc.)
  • Housing (Barracks and Family Housing)
  • Safety and Security
  • Building envelopes
  • HVAC systems / Building controls / Sensors
  • Data analysis / Predictive maintenance
  • Lighting / Paint

Panel Members

  • Colonel John M. Wilcox, Commander, United States Army Garrison, Fort Liberty, NC
  • Commander Robert (Bob) M. Syre, Public Works Officer, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and and Marine Corps Air Station New River
  • Lieutenant Colonel James (Jimmy) C. Melvin, Deputy Commander, 4th Mission Support Group, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base
  • Mr. James D. Mahoney, Director, FRCS Cyber Operations Group, PWD, GF, Marine Corps Installations East, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
  • Mr. Tony DeLeon, US General Services Administration, Public Building Service, Southeast Sunbelt
  • Ms. Tamara (Tami) G. Sutherland, Director, Strategic Initiatives, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment (ASA IE&E), HQ Department of the Army
  • Mr. Brian S. Vesely, Architect, Department of Public Works, United States Army Garrison, Fort Liberty, NC

1600-1700: NC A&T Project Presentation
North Carolina Innovation Ecosystem. Students from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical (NC A&T) University will present their findings on phase I of the North Carolina Innovation Ecosystem Project.

Problem Statement. There are significant challenges in comprehensively understanding the innovation ecosystem in North Carolina, particularly in identifying key participants at federal, state, city, and public levels; comprehending the processes for introducing, working, and solving problems; and recognizing the boards, forums, or activities that organizations can engage with for progress and collaboration. The
lack in understanding facilitates duplication of efforts, prevents effective participation, collaboration,
and awareness of options when trying to leverage available opportunities within the ecosystem.

Project Faculty and Students

  • [Faculty] Mr. Antwon D. Foreman, Director, Blackstone Entrepreneurship Launchpad, North
    Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
  • [Student] Ms. Jacquoia Hunter, Senior, Majors: Entrepreneurship and Marketing
  • [Student] Ms. Aniyah Catoe, Junior, Major: Entrepreneurship
  • [Student] Ms. Arielle Primus, Junior, Major: Entrepreneurship


  • The NCI2M Symposium is a free event; however, registration is required and does not convey registration in the Southeast Region Federal Construction, Infrastructure and Environmental Summit (a three-day event that concludes the morning prior to NCI2M).
  • NCI2M registration is available at:

Please note:

  • Southeast Region Federal Construction, Infrastructure and Environmental Summit participants are welcome to attend the NCI2M.  A registration option for NCI2M is available on your Summit registration.
  • NCI2M participants that wish to also attend the Southeast Region Federal Construction, Infrastructure and Environmental Summit, must register on the Summit website:

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